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Directs the security program of the Hospital in matters relating to the protection of physicians, patients, visitors, staff, and property.

Responsible for implementing the Loss Prevention Program in conjunction with the Environment of Care Committee and Risk Management Services.

Directs investigations regarding loss, breaches of security, accidents and emergency situations.

Conducts special studies and investigations to determine feasibility of implementing new security measures and procedures, at the Hospital and its offsite locations; as well as legalities and cost effectiveness of same.

Directs staff education in security of the Hospital and its satellites.

Formulates and implements security training for the professional development of all Security Officers, Supervisors, and Managers.

Directs the physician and employee identification system and security access program.

Directs the Lost and Found program of the Hospital, ensuring that items are recovered and disposed according to policy.

Reviews and approves the performance appraisal of all employees in the Safety and Security Department.

Responsible for assessing levels of security incidents and trends and developing special security measures in sensitive and other areas of the Hospital and its satellite locations.

Responsible for electronic security systems to monitor activities and provide greater security coverage.

Liaisons with community law enforcement officials and other agencies in matters of security.


Directs ongoing, organization-wide collection of information about deficiencies and opportunities for improvement in the Environment of Care.

Reviews summaries of deficiencies, problems, failures and user errors related to managing elements of the Environment of Care.

Measures performance element of the Environment of Care, using performance indicators and institutes interventions for improvement.

Participates in hazard surveillance and incident reporting, and in the development of department specific and offsite locations safety policies, plans and procedures.

Conducts risk assessment to evaluate the impact of physical systems on patients and occupants of the Hospital and its satellites and institutes measures of intervention to prevent injury to persons and damage to property.

Chairs the organization-wide Environment of Care Committee, directing its activities and reporting same to appropriate bodies.

Ensures that Occupational Safety incidents, including but not limited to employee work related injuries, are investigated and adequate measures instituted to prevent reoccurrence.

Acts as the Emergency Management Planner for the Hospital and its satellites, ensuring that departments and services implement and maintain emergency preparedness plans specific to their areas, and in concert with the organization-wide disaster plan.

Liaisons with community law enforcement officials and other agencies in matters of emergency management.

Ensures that all departments and services develop, implement and maintain life safety policies and procedures, including fire response and evacuation plans.

Directs the facility-wide educational programs for the Hospital and its satellites in the Environment of Care.

Enforces the use of personal protective equipment in areas needed, including but not limited to monitoring of hazardous gases and vapors; chemical waste and hazardous materials.

Ensures that all department and services develop, implement and maintain policies in the safe use of clinical equipment and utilities including procedures for emergency response during equipment and utility failures.

Manages portable fire extinguishers including guidelines for their identification, placement and use.

Evaluates the effectiveness of fire response by conducting fire drills, and monitoring the performance of the fire controls.



Graduate of a recognized law enforcement school and minimum 10 years experience or 20 years experience in Military security

Minimum five years as a safety officer in a hospital setting or related experience

Direct experience with safety, emergency preparedness, and hazardous materials management

A Motor Vehicle Report (MVR) will be completed at time of hire and on an annual basis thereafter.

Current California driver's license; a copy of the renewed license will need to be submitted upon renewal. Evidence of current car insurance; a copy of the renewed car insurance will need to be submitted upon renewal.

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