Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Tired of Commuting to Your Healthcare Job?

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Cressy & Everett Real Estate

Give up the Commute and Turn Your Healthcare Job into a Real Estate Career in Berrien Springs

Turn Toward Real Estate Next Time You See Brake Lights

Everything in life seems to be moving faster and faster…except traffic. Give up the commute and turn your healthcare experience into a real estate career. Healthcare professionals like you are finding Berrien Springs real estate careers best utilize their skills, plus provide greater job flexibility.

Work/Life Balance is Possible

We all want to become better at working our job around our personal life. In just ten minutes, the Core Capacity Index (CCI) assessment can explain how you are wired to work. This knowledge, combined with your healthcare skills, can lead you out of your cubical, and into a better work/life balance.

A Career in Real Estate Can Take You Where You Want to Go

Our team can help you develop a plan to transition from your healthcare job to a real estate career where you have greater balance and control. With the support and expertise of our team, you can get where you want to go faster. So, stop planning your route to work, and starting planning your future.

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Is Real Estate Right for You?

Is a Real Estate Career in Berrien Springs Right for You?

Choosing a career in real estate gives you more control over your life while doing what you do best. Take our Core Capacity Index assessment to discover if your personality and work patterns would be a good fit for Real Estate. It only takes ten minutes to complete the assessment, and then you’ll receive an email outlining the types of tasks you are best suited for and would likely enjoy. From there, we’ll help you determine whether a Real Estate career in the Berrien Springs area is right for you

Our Experience Gives You the Best Chance for Success

Investing in a real estate career is not a decision to be taken lightly. Like many plans focused on improving quality of life, there are some short-term financial requirements that can more than pay for themselves once your career is established. That’s why we like to give you information upfront to help you decide if, when and how to get started. With our experience and your ambition working together, your opportunity for success will be all the higher.


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