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Is Real Estate Right for You?

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Guarantee Real Estate

Guarantee Real Estate Real Estate Agent: Would Working at Guarantee Real Estate in Fresno Be a Good Fit For You? Find Out Now by Taking the CCI...

Why Do Some Succeed While Others Fail?

Each year, a group of individuals in Fresno decide to start a new career in real estate sales. Some of these new agents gain traction quickly, naturally connect with the work, and succeed financially. But many, who also spend their valuable time and resources setting up their businesses, struggle to produce even mediocre results.

Core Capacities Predict Success in a Work Environment

Have you ever wondered why this happens? We have. In fact, we have spent a large amount of our own time and resources studying hundreds of our own associates in an attempt to quantify this elusive phenomenon. We've discovered that the key criterion for success in this industry is something called core capacities.

Discover Your Unique "Recipe" of Core Capacities Now

Core capacities are a person's organic talents or natural "wiring." Every person has a unique "recipe" of core capacities that predict his or her propensity to perform certain tasks with success and vital engagement. We would like to give you an opportunity to conduct a 10-minute evaluation that will map your unique recipe of core capacities.

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Is Real Estate Right for You?

Becoming a New Real Estate Agent in Fresno

If you're just starting the process of investigating real estate as a potential career, doesn't it make sense to "dip your toe in the water" before jumping in with both feet? We think so, and it's why we offer taking the Core Capacities Index (CCI) as a first step for everyone who is considering a real estate career. This process enables you to find out early in the hiring process if you have the capacities and traits similar to those who flourish in our company.

The Core Capacities Index (CCI) assessment is quick and easy (takes 10 minutes), and you'll get to read and keep your results for your own personal benefit. As you might imagine, no assessment is 100% predictive, and some exceptions arise in every hiring process. However, we have learned that understanding an individual's core capacities increases our odds of hiring people who will be successful and find fulfillment at Guarantee Real Estate. With this information, we'll both be able to better determine if making a transition to working as a real estate agent in Fresno is right for you. To get started, click one of the links above.

Do you Already Have a Real Estate License?

If you've already made the commitment to become a real estate agent, selecting the right company to work with has a profound effect on your chances of success. As you might suspect, working with Guarantee Real Estate is not for everyone, however, some individuals really thrive in our environment. We have a unique way of conducting business that we have developed and honed over many years. And, we've also developed a culture that is very distinctive. This culture reflects the values of both our leadership team and individual contributors who make our company successful.

By observing our own workforce, we've been able to document the connection between those who flourish in our environment and those who possess the common recipe of core capacities that our high performers share. While it is not an exact science, this correlation is strong enough that we find it beneficial to share this information with those who are considering joining our team at Guarantee Real Estate. The first step is to take the Core Capacities Index (CCI). Regardless of whether you choose to partner with our company or not, the results will be yours to keep and can be used to benefit your personal development. To get started, click one of the links above.


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